Sunday, September 27, 2009

and then there were 4

yesterday we adopted little McKenzie, a 10 week old, 6 pound baby girl dachshund mix puppy from the Humane Society, which if you're in this neck of the woods you should go check out their new place.

I've never adopted a dog from a shelter , but I must say how really impressed we were with the service they provide these animals. their website is real time so if you see an animal you're interested in you can go in and check them out, their facility is brand new and looks better than most hospitals I've been into, and each of the dogs had their own room which is the size of a small conference room and is decked out with all the comforts they need.

we saw McKenzie online and thought she sounded like a good match for Coop and us, so we went in to check her out. She was in foster care so we made an appointment to meet with her.
McKenzie (or Daphne as she was formerly known) was doggy number 61 for the Campi family in the space of about 8 years and they got her when she was only 5 weeks old. they cared for her through her surgery (she came spayed), took her to all the appointments for all her shots she needs as a puppy, socialised her with their 3 other dogs and the family and pretty much potty trained her until she was old enough to be adopted - which luckily enough was this week. I am not sure how they do it, and then at the end let them go... but we're glad they did :)

Anyway she's a spunky little girl who it seems to want to get into everything she sees, and likes to steal socks and anything else she can grab, so we are watching her constantly - as is Cooper... he's not too impressed so far, but I think she's growing on him :)


  1. Aaawwwwww.... she is seriously too cute!!
    Poor lil' Coop must be feeling a little neglected at the moment, but I'm sure he'll warm to her! She's so pretty!

    Seriously, rescue's are the best dogs. I rescued a Rottweiler when I was 17. Her name was Cleo and she was seriously the coolest dog ever! When I moved to Perth Dad wouldn't let me take her, she was his best friend!!
    Ryan and his wife have a rescue too, his name is Banjo and he too was beaten as a pup like Cleo. I really don't understand how people can be so cruel! But amazingly enough, they have turned out to be be the most mild tempered and happiest dogs we've ever had!

  2. my rex #1 and #2 were both rescued.. by moi!!



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