Monday, August 10, 2009

Sweatier and smellier

I'm sad because I haven't been posting any blogs lately and even though Kate is 100 million miles away on another planet (Australia) she has managed to post tons of pictures and stories. In my defense, the reason I haven't posted anything is because I somehow caught pneumonia last week and have just now recovered enough to get back on the computer. I hadn't actually realized I was deathly ill until I went to the doctor on Thursday after about 4 days of chills, fever, and complete exhaustion. I was walking around with severe dehydration and a 101.2 fever and actually asked "can I go back to work?" after being tested for swine flu and then informed I had walking pneumonia. What dedication! Cody took very good care of me and told me yesterday that I looked "a lot" better. When asked how bad I had been looking he described me as looking pretty gross and smelling even worse due to the buckets of sick sweat pouring off my body and head. Sadly, this was a disease that made me suffer, but didn't make me lose any weight. On Sunday I mustered enough energy to leave the house for about 90 minutes to visit the Campbell Farmer's Market in search of healthy fresh fruits and vegetables. Prior to my illness I had been on Atkins for about 10 days and also did not lose weight, but did develop sweet, sweet meat breath, so I'm off that and on to more normal foods again. Anyway, here are some pictures from the farmer's market where I plan to go next week because of the amazing number of vendors and the great variety of fruits, vegetables, and other delicious specialty foods. In my opinion, this farmer's market is way better than the one in Los Gatos. Yes, we're back to blurry pictures, but that's only because I was delirious at the time I took these. Oh, and we've now decided almost 100% against getting a new puppy after Gino tried to murder the most adorable 3 month old English bulldog ever invented. He became jealous when I was petting this little cutie and then he tried to bite his face off - I was mad a Gino for the rest of the day and don't think he's nice enough for a new friend in the house. :(

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