Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sheet mulching

Me raking the hard-packed soil
Our stacks of chicken manure and compost
Gino decided a pile of poo was a wonderful place to relax Cody covering the newspaper with compost

This Sunday Cody and I worked in the yard and started our sheet mulching project. I was going to use cardboard, but ended up using newspapers instead. We picked up several bags of chicken manure (I was going to start with the horse manure I could have gotten for free from Destyn, but was worried I'd end up spreading a bunch of unwanted seeds into the yard) then laid out layers of paper over the top and covered as much as possible with organic compost. I ran out of compost and have to do the rest this weekend, but it turned out ok I think. I got a bunch of vegetable seeds to plant once the yard is ready and am hoping it's not too late to try to start them. When we re-do the kitchen I'm planning to include a composter so I can make my own homemade compost.

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