Monday, August 31, 2009

outside lands

San Francisco's Outside Lands was a full day (and night) of music, food, booze and lots of random fun.
we tasted some wines
enjoyed their green focus - these great glasses were compostable
found new uses for plastic bottles...
ate some yummy food
posed for pictures

walked all over
ate some more yummy food
decided that Mastadon were not our thing...
did some shopping
tried on hats
posed some more for pictures
thought Gooferman were a visual circus freak treat
saw a woman with major talent - she was jumping around on stilts
Natasha Khan from Bat for Lashes, Melita's fave was amazing, it was great laying on the grass, sipping our wine, listening to her awesome haunting voice
we got fairly close to the main stage
Black Eyed Peas were much more impressive than I thought they'd be live, they really know how to Get it Started
that Fergie can really belt out a tune
but of course they left the very best till last, Dave Matthews Band played for 3 hours and were amazing even though they didn't play my favourite Crash (sigh)... The Black Eyed Peas came and crashed one of their songs which was fun too as that's not a combination you hear everyday.

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