Thursday, August 20, 2009

one thing I always get asked...

as an Australian is 'do you really have big spiders everywhere in Australia?' here is the answer:
This is a huntsman spider I came across the other day on the shower screen at my Dad's place as I was just about to get in the shower... he's about the size of your palm although this poor guy is missing a leg.

These spiders are not deadly, but if bitten can make you a bit sick. These guys are good to have around as they eat the mosquitos and other bugs, but I prefer not to shower with them though.

This one however, is a funnel web spider (that my Dad just randomly has sitting on his bookshelf in a jar - as you do...) and these are not the type of spider you want to come across - they are quite scary and they raise up their front legs to warn you that they mean business.

Funnel webs are one of the 3 most deadliest spiders in the world and have sharp fangs that can bite through fingernails and shoes even... eewk! My Dad came across this one while digging in his yard so put him in a jar to donate to the local university where they milk them for their venom - what a fun job... not!


  1. omg wtf mate!!! maybe i don't want to go there afterall...that spider in the shower...scurrrrrrry!

  2. hahaha, my Dad wrote me a note saying " You know this ain't gonna do our tourist industry much good!" oops...


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