Friday, July 10, 2009

What the Flufflefritz!? Design Contest!!!

Flufflefritz is our very special way of having fun – our site features food, home renovation, travel, design, photography, art, dogs, gardening, getting fit, and any other fluffy fun that floats our way - we’d like to invite you to be a part of our fluffy way of thinking! We’re looking for you creative people to send us your Original Artwork for a chance to win a brand new Flip camera that will feature your design!

What we’re looking for: We want you think about what the word Flufflefritz means to you and enter our contest with a creative design that will be used to reflect the whole look and feel of our site. We’d like you to send us your original fluffy inspired logo and or mascot. Please include a description of where your inspiration came from. Was it something you thought up while eating a luscious 32 scoop sundae complete with sparklers and cherries , or while walking through a magically misty day in your neighborhood? Did Cooper’s smiling face inspire your mascot creation?

Take a look at the pages of our site to see what the original Flufflefritzers are inspired by and use them to come up with your design – remember the winner gets a free Flip HD Mino video camera personalized with your design!

The contest will kick-off on Monday, July 13 and the official contest rules will be posted on our site. We can’t wait to see what our creative fans and friends come up with!

Love and fluff, Melita and Kate
Here's a sample of what your Flip camera could look like! Imagine your original design gracing your very own camera!!

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