Friday, July 3, 2009

Thelma and Louising it Old School

Gino watching the cop pull us over - he didn't bark once!

Gino and I took a little road trip this weekend to get out from under the stress at home and we're now sequestered in our hotel. the Best Western Resort in Palm Springs, that allows dogs for no extra charge! It took us about 9 hours to get here, but it was definitely a good idea to hit the road and spend some time just zoned out on the road escaping. I'm already a crazy dog-obsessed lady, but after this trip I am definitely over the edge with my love for dogs, and for Gino in particular. First, let me CONGRATULATE him on not puking, not even once, the entire trip! Yay Gino! and second, I would like to thank him for getting me out of my speeding/cracked windshield/broken brake light ticket I was about to receive on Hwy 5 within the first 2 hours in on this trip. Yes, mommy was speeding (89 MPH) and got pulled over, but Gino was so adorable the cop let me off with a warning. It could have been my incredibly low cut shirt with my girls hanging out in the heat, but I'm giving Gino credit since that's who the cop said swayed him. We're about to go down to the pool for a quick dip to take a break from him trying desperately to bark with an electrocuting anti-bark collar on and me drinking wine in the incredibly tiny tub. More updates on our adventure to follow!


  1. You go girl! Have fun at Palm Springs :)

  2. yea, sounds like a great little trip!


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