Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shima Sushi

Saturday night Cody and I went out for a special sushi treat at our favorite sushi restaurant, Shima Sushi, over on Camden Ave. Shima sushi is so consistant and their fish is always fresh and delicious. We've been coming here pretty regularly for over 4 years and I have always had great service, the owner drinks a lot of sake and loves to drink with you, and even better sushi. We normally don't stray too far from our usual order, but I will occasionally step out and order something new. We ate a LOT on Saturday and could have gone for more! We had fresh salmon, a salmon skin roll (this was a new one for us and we both thought it was ok, but next time I'm ordering a handroll), a caterpillar roll, a friends roll, a spider roll (Cody likes these, but I hate them) and seaweed salad. We both strongly recommend this as the best sushi place in the South Bay!

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