Thursday, July 2, 2009

Santa Cruz on a Wednesday

Last night I was going to go up to San Francisco to visit Kate and go to a fabulous sounding 80's bands concert, but ended up being too tired for a wild night out so I went to Santa Cruz instead for a relaxing night downtown. I stopped in at Hoffman's for a quick bite before my appointment at Well Within. I got a table and ordered the scallop appetizer. While I waited for my food I had my first glass of wine and listened to their live jazz trio. Normally I don't like jazz and especially don't like it when there is live music in a restaurant because it's always too loud, but this band was really good and didn't overwhelm the atmosphere. The server delivered a small plate of cheesy garlic bread that was chewy, crispy, salty and delicious and then came my scallops. They were seared and crisp on the outside and sweet and tender on the inside and came with a truffled hollandaise sauce and fresh asparagus - YUM!!! I ate every scrap and rinsed it all down with more wine then made my way to Well Within for a soak in the tub. I've had a horrible week and this was exactly what I needed to feel a million times better. Once I get my house situation all sorted out, the first thing I'm doing is building a deck and putting a hot tub in so I can get in and never leave.

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