Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rich and Delicious

Here are pictures from the last couple of dinners I made from my shopping madness at Whole Foods. First, I re-created the delicious scallop appetizer I had in Santa Cruz last week. I have never made scallops before and they turned out really well, if I do say so myself. I guess hours of watching cooking programs has paid off. There were a lot of steps and I was surprised at how quickly everything came together. First I made the hollandaise (I used extra lemon which is why it looks so yellow in the picture) and seared the scallops until they were golden and crusted, then I steamed the asparagus and drizzled the whole thing with truffle oil. Even though it tasted great, this was a VERY rich dish and I think next time I'll make less sauce and maybe only make half as much.

The picture above is from last night's dinner and was so quick and easy to make. Again, this was a very rich dinner so next time I'm only making half as much. I used store bought fresh porcini ravioli and store bought alfredo sauce. While I boiled the pasta I broiled some pancetta and made sourdough garlic bread. Once the pasta was cooked I poured out the water and threw in some frozen green peas, the chopped crispy pancetta, and the stirred in the alfredo sauce. On the side we had a romaine, tomato, and avocado salad. Although I love them, I'm getting a little sick of eating these heavy meals though and think tonight is going to be veggie night with a nice bike ride to downtown San Jose for Music in the Park.

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