Monday, July 6, 2009

Palm Desert

Our trip to the desert for the 4th of July weekend was such a good adventure for me and Gino. On Saturday we slept in and then went exploring the desert cities. We found this gorgeous park filled with flowers that had several ponds. A delighted Gino jumped right into to cool down from the 107 degree heat.

Gino swimming with ducks and carp

We stopped for a drink and then kept driving and checking out the scenery. Along the way I actually ended up finding the Salton Sea which I thought would be pretty cool to visit. Me and Cody watched the movie recently, but I didn't know where this place was until I drove past this sign. Once we got there though I quickly realized that 5 minutes spent at the actual Salton Sea was infinitely more depressing than the entire movie. It was so barren and lifeless that we quickly gave up on spending any time there, especially after Gino had a bad reaction to something he saw and laid in the sand writhing and whimpering like he was traumatized forever. Perhaps it was this fish that caused his sadness.After a long drive back to the hotel we went for another swim and then I got ready for dinner. I ended up in Cathedral City off Hwy 111 where I saw this place called The Red Tomato and Original House of Lamb. Who could resist an awesome name like that? I went in, had a look around, and immediately fell in love. The decor was so old school and the waiter was super sweet (I think he could tell I was having a bad week since he left me the rest of the bottle when I ordered my glass of wine). I ordered the rib eye and sat at my table eavesdropping on the wiseguys at the table next to mine. They were so OG I felt like I was in a gangster movie. The bread basket came and had garlic butter and also a relish of tomato, cucumber, garlic, and spices - it was delicious and I plan to re-create it at home. And they had homemade strawberry shortcake! YuuuummmmmmAfter dinner I picked Gino up and we went down to the Civic Center in Palm Desert to watch the fireworks. Gino has never seen fireworks before and doesn't usually have to spend time with such a huge crowd so I wasn't sure how he'd do, but he didn't even flinch when the first fireworks went off and we were able to enjoy the show without tranquilzers for either of us. The only bad part of the trip was the next morning when I woke up at 4am to find Gino laying lifelessly next to me in the bed. I tried shaking him to wake him up but there was absolutely no reaction! I freaked out and started yelling his name and slapping him around when he finally opened his little eye to peek at me like "huh?". Cody said Gino's done that to him before too - I guess he's just a really, really heavy sleeper, but oh my god! that was scary. Since my heart was pumping and I was fully awake we decided to head back to San Jose early to avoid any holiday traffic and got to enjoy watching the sun rise over the desert as we made our way home.

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