Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Wendy

Wendy has been my friend for going on 20 years now and I love her for so many reasons. Not only is she stylish, but she is also very funny. Here are a few memories that I thought I should share.

Reason #78: She will hand you a bottle of tequila with a straw and trust you not to drown in her bathtub.

Reason #1024: Direct quote from Wendy "Alert the media! My intense hatred of James Taylor and his brand of adult contemporary folk music seems to have ebbed. I just had to sit through some song about sunny days and didn't feel an ounce of rage. Sadly, this probably signifies that I am getting old, not more mature, just old."

Reason #1108: Called me the next morning to say, "God, I hope you didn't go home with our friend last night. We forgot to tell you he has Tourrette's."

Reason #912: Conversation with her husband over breakfast.
Wendy: "What are people from Belgium called? ...Belgish? ...Belgique?"
Scott: "What kind of waffle are you eating?"
Wendy: "Belgian. Oh."

Reason #2005: Direct quote from Wendy while looking at her inferior grits. "Listen, I'm from the South and we know what good grits are supposed to taste like."

Reason #2017: Founding member of The Mega-maniacs. Our revolutionary band where all of our songs were screamed at close range through little megaphones. Co-wrote the hit "Emergency Situations"

Reason #25: Is still friends with me even though I yelled at her great-grandmother in law at Christmas when I thought she was pretending to not know who I was.

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