Tuesday, July 28, 2009

just a piece of thread...

I tried something new last night and I think I like it...
While walking through the mall trying to find the perfect gift for my gorgeous niece I came across what looked like a new hair salon minus the hair equipment, and these women laying back in these chairs having something done to their faces... The were having their eyebrows done, and I thought to myself - wish I had time to have my eyebrows, which look like caterpillars done... So I went in to see if they had any appointments and to my delight, it is a 'walk-in' system so I went right in and sat in the chair.

I must admit a small wave of 'what if they suck???' panic did wash over me at that point with a quick flashback to one time when I walked out looking like I was ready to join the circus with clown-like semi-circles for brows... but I was tired and figured well I have a fringe now so I can always hide them...

So she sits me down in the chair and I realise that it's
threading, not waxing - so then I was scared as I didn't really know much about it - just that lots of hairy people do it so it must be good... and besides I was in the chair now, so there was no turning back... She got some cotton thread and doubled it over and started whipping out the hair with a little twisting motion. It took a bit longer than waxing, but nowhere near as long as tweezing and there were no chemicals, no skin being ripped off and since the string is straight no clown like eyebrows!

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  1. Hey Kate! Your blog is very nice. The images are very beautiful. God is Great. Best wishes.



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