Monday, July 6, 2009

got wood?

We do now :)

This afternoon after spending most of the day cleaning the house and trying to sort the clutter so we can actually find stuff this week, we decided that we couldn't spend another night sleeping surrounded by the terribly dusty old carpeting...
It took us about 10 minutes to slice the carpet and underlay, roll it all up, and get it out the door. Then only about another 2.5 hours to remove the silly carpet grip strips... those things are vicious! But, we did it and we are so pleased with how great the floor looks, the colours are awesome! Maybe tomorrow morning we won't wake up with hay fever...


  1. It looks awesome!! You wouldn't believe that that was under that carpet.Is the wood in good condition or will you have to sand it back?

  2. Hi, the wood looks pretty good but we'll need to sand the whole house back as there are a few spots in the living room that need replacing, but for now it's quite livable :) So much nicer than that ugly wrinkled smelly carpet!


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