Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Fun Friday Night

C: "Here are some magic moonwalking napkins."

K: "They don't work! I still can't moonwalk."

C: "Here comes Security. Hide the napkins."

We went out in downtown Campbell this Friday night and met up with Kate and Bryce and Cody's friends Mike and Libby at La Pizzeria. We had to wait a bit for our table so we took turns slipping next door to Katie Blooms for a quick drink. Cody and I had Red Bull and Vodka (I know, gross) and Kate and Bryce had margaritas. We ordered our pizzas and chatted while waiting for them to come out. I ordered the ham and anchovy (I know, gross) which I was going to share with Cody, but he said it was too fishy so we ordered another one for him sans anchovies. We then headed over to the Cardiff Lounge that I remembered as being a lot funner many, many years ago, but now the place seems overrun by a bunch of cologne drenched jerks who refused to let Mike in because he has a CA ID and not a driver's license!? huh? Mike and Libby left and K, B, C, and I all stayed and finished our drinks and danced a bit - the place sucked, but we can have fun anywhere. We practiced our moonwalking and discovered that Kate cannot moonwalk no matter how hard she tries. I put some special moonwalking napkins on the floor for her to use and when two bouncers immediately swooped in to prevent her from sliding across the floor like she was born to do, we knew it was time to go. I did however put the napkins back in the holder before we left (I know, gross). We finished off the night at the Sonoma Chicken Coop where we practiced our Chewbaka wookie love-calls, tried more moonwalking (Kate still could not do it) and watched as Bryce managed a pretty fabulous crotch-grab (on himself, you perv) that I think Kate has video of that I'm praying she will post. She also has video/pics of Cody shoveling money down my top that I'm praying she will not post.

Here is video of Cody dancing while we shout in the background, "Moonwalk! Please moonwalk!" Yes, I know it's sideways, sorry.

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  1. how very unattractive... just you wait till I post my pics of the night... biatch :P


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