Sunday, July 5, 2009

Diamonds in the rough!

This long weekend has been all work and not much play, but you know it actually is really rewarding knowing that the work you are doing is going straight into your investment. We have been working hard on getting the laundry room into a place you'd want to do your laundry in, so we pulled everything out of it and started to patch the walls but as it turned out is taking more spackle or putty (depending where you're from) than there is dry wall or gyprock (also depending where you're from), so we're going to have to replace all the sheetrock to get nice walls... Anyway, that will be part two of the laundry room renovation, but for now we are just trying to paint the space and make it look nice and clean.

While we were cleaning out the lint trap we took the lint pipe off the wall to make it easier to paint and to our amazement just sitting there side by side were these two gorgeous diamond earrings...
I assume they are diamonds and I have no idea how long they have been sitting there, but I am really looking forward to hearing the story about how long ago these were lost when we give them back to the lady who lived here for the last 40 or so years as I am sure she's been missing them...


  1. At the risk of sounding like someone with 0 integrity, the diamonds came with the house... why you giving them back? If you found something undesirable, like one of Homer's lost nuclear waste tubes, I doubt she take that back.

  2. Yeah, I know you're right, we did have to call the plumber out this weekend as the pipes were all backed up and probably need to be dug up and re-laid (cha ching!) but these are a really personal thing and I know that if I lost something like that I would want someone to give them back to me...


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