Monday, July 20, 2009

coffee (table) anyone?

We've been looking for the perfect coffee table for a while now, and for some reason I just can't decide what I want... but I do keep going back to these guys.
Aren't they gorgeous???

I first saw one of these Adler Cubes by Brent Comber a few years back in an office building lobby in Vancouver and searched all over the web (and trust me when you google 'wooden log table' you get some hideous results...) to find who made them, and where I could buy them... I wanted to wait however until we had our own home as moving one these things can't be easy - they're solid wood!

Now, I'm not so sure that they'd fit in this house with the whole '50's modern ranch' theme we are going with, but perhaps in a corner of my garden with a couple of red muskoka or adirondack (depending where you're from) chairs and lots of greenery.


  1. Hi Melita, when I was about 3 I had a little flamingo pink Adirondack chair and I refused to sit in anything else. I still have the chair, but I had to move on to bigger (but not better) seats.
    Love the pictures,
    Martina from The Foreign Kitchen

  2. Oh those tables are amazing!! Thanks for letting me know :)


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