Monday, July 13, 2009


I was so inspired by how amazing Kate's little walkway looks that I decided it's time to tackle my own atrocious backyard that has been neglected for, oh, about that last 4-5 years. My excuse has been that there was no point in doing anything nice back there since my dogs are extremely destructive. And while they did enjoy digging and tearing up my corn stalks and melon vines, the real truth is that I do not have a green thumb, it's more like a black and decayed thumb and I am unable to grow much of anything. Did you know that plants need water? Anyway, when I saw the miraculous transformation Kate and Bryce achieved at their new place I was inspired to see what could be done about my own backyard. We had a rototiller guy come out to take a look and give us an estimate and now we're all set for next Saturday's rototilling appointment! We're tilling up the side yard and 1/2 the backyard to give us an empty canvas to work with. I think we're going to go with a patch of lawn and my vegetable garden will finally, finally, finally get put in. I'm hoping to get some good vegetables before the end of the season! Here are the before pictures and I'll put up the afters sometime next week.

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