Saturday, July 11, 2009


When we lived in Toronto we lived in this great hundred year old quadraplex on a cul-de-sac that backed onto a lovely park. Each morning we'd walk to Starbucks through the park and Coop would get his morning run and kick of the ball while we drank our coffee together. We loved our morning walks through all the seasons and we all really miss that park... Since we moved to California, things have been different... I didn't even have a car in Toronto, and here you have to drive to get everywhere - including the doggy park, so Coop has been missing his daily park days.

A few days ago while taking Cooper for a morning stroll we happened across a wonderful discovery! We have a great park only a few blocks from our door! Cooper is very happy about it as you can tell here from the smile on his face... :) It's not a 'doggy park' per say, but there are definitely lots of dogs in the area so maybe I can rally up a petition and possibly some funds for them to get an off leash area put in ;P

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