Monday, June 1, 2009

we won! finally...

well bryce and I are very happy to report that somebody finally accepted our offer to buy a house... we were a back up offer for Los Olivios which is the wonderful 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, pretty much original condition 50's ranch that we had really loved, and we were convinced that the first bidder would take it for sure - but apparently they wanted to bulldoze the garage in the back yard and the city wouldn't give them a permit... so we don't mind at all!
It is on a huge corner block with lots of fruit trees and plenty of concrete that needs to be jackhammered (can't wait to start demo'ing :D) This is also the one with about 7 varieties of wall paper throughout. It's going to be lots of fun making it our own...


  1. Let's talk about your landscaping...looks like an Express Garden would be perfect for the backyard.


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