Friday, June 26, 2009

U.S. Air Guitar Championship

The U.S. Air Guitar Championship is making it's way to the area on June 26 & 27. Cody and I went a couple of years ago and it was actually incredible. I had expected it to be lame and cheesy, but sort of funny and was surprised to see that these guys really could (air) rock. The one we went to was in San Jose at whatever the latest variation of Fuel 44 was at the time and the club was packed with people. Cody and I managed to get drinks and squeeze our way through to the middle of the floor in time to watch the air-guitarists hit the stage. Each performer passionately rocks as hard as they can - and for the most part it looked like they were actually rocking harder than someone holding a physical guitar. It takes skill and a lot of practice to do air-guitar right and to give a performance worthy of the crowds awe. Some of the more advanced moves are the behind-the-head air guitar, the double neck guitar, the flying V (the hard part is making people see that you're playing a flying V that's invisible), and the double guitar solo. Here's Hot Lixx Hulahan, the Air Guitar Champion of 2008. He's REALLY good.

and bonus video of William Ocean the NYC Regional Air Guitar Champion!

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