Thursday, June 18, 2009

random gibberish to brilliant inspiration an earlier conversation between Melita and I today

k: we need to make our b
log look better, we need a logo or something
m: yes, but I think we need to make the whole thing more snazzy, it doesn't look clean so much as empty
k: what do you think it needs to be more 'snazzy' as you say? :P
m: color
k: ewww
m: a tighter layout
k: sigh...

several hours later...

m: what are we going to do about our blog design?
k: yeah I know it's lame...
m: no one knows what a flufflefritz is, not even us
k: it's a fluffle... with fritz duh!
m: fluffy and fizzy, fun and sunny
k: but a little creepy
m: a bit pervy (that'd be me, sorry)
k: ha ha jinx!
m: do other people even get flufflefritz?
k: we could do something with the ff's
I dunno, I haven't asked anyone... have you?
m: how can we find out? no
it's a good special feeling that should be shared
k: cheese :P
m: um?
k: we should write a post about it 'what does flufflefritz mean to you?'
m: contest?
k: omg - totally (do I totally sound like a valley girl yet???)
m: we need a cool design for our logo and we have lots of creative friends...
k: yeah
m: and yes, you do sound like a valley
k: it needs to be something that prints well - like totally
on tshirts and hats and carbon fibre dog bowls...
m: lets put out a post for people to send us their flufflefritz ideas
k: ok cool, then we can twitter about it
but we need a cool prize, not something lame that nobody cares about
m: their fun, sunny, fluffy, fizzy, pervy, creepy and cheesy designs
what about a Flip camera?
k: what if we hate them all?
m: anything's got to be better than what we've got!
k: true... (I was calling you cheesy btw)
oooooh yeah! great idea, and we can customise it :D
the flip mino
m: with the winning design!!!
k: totally - hahahaha :P
m: that's a great idea - we are flufflefritz GENIUSES!
post this bitch and we'll run a contest!
k: alrighty then!
So as you can see we're running a contest and we're going to give away a Flip camera and will post the details soon - Paris would be so proud...

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