Monday, June 29, 2009

Pizza Pizza Pizza!

Lately we've been on a pizza kick and now that C is actually trying new and unusual pizzas from someplace Other Than Pizza My Heart we've been to quite a few different places in the past few weeks. Last weekend it was Pizza Antica with my cousins and this weekend it was Willow Street. Pizza Antica was very good and we got to try a lot of different flavors since we ordered 3 pizzas. My favories were the potato and the margarita. There are two types of crust at Willow Street and I definitely preferred the Italian thin crust to the California style which I found to be too doughy and way too cheesy. I would go to Pizza Antica again, but think we still need to keep looking for that perfect pizza. Next place to try will be Flour+Water in San Francisco - it looks GOOD!!!

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