Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pizza party with mom

Tonight we met up with my mom at the new Mountain Mike's that just opened near the Almaden Cinema Five (our favorite place to see movies) for their 50% off any pizza night and then went to see Land of the Lost at the Almaden Cinema Five for their Terrific Tuesday $4.50 movie night. We ordered an extra large 1/2 pepperoni and mushroom, 1/2 Tuscan garlic, but they accidently made a whole garlic Tuscan and gave us a second pizza for free. We currently have a lot of pizza at home. So much pizza.
The movie was alright. I thought I would hate it, but Cody really wanted to see if and my mom didn't care either way. It was lame and pretty corny, but there were several parts that had me laughing so it ended up being fun to watch. Overall, it was an affordable and fun way to spend time with mom.

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