Sunday, June 7, 2009

house update

we're well on the way to being home owners and getting into a good chunk of debt... but hey, that's the American way... right?

we've been signing this and that and must have killed a small tree with all the paper we've had to print and sign, but all seems to be moving along very quickly.
We get the keys on June 22 - Yay!

now we are trying to use every minute available getting packed up here and planning which 'fun project' (as I like to call the many many reno jobs that await us) we should start first. we stopped by the house the other night on our way home and the listing agent just happened to be there, so we learned some more about the house...
  • we will be the third owners - the lady that has just moved out lived there since 1963, she and her husband bought it when the house was 10 years old
  • the carpet was given to her as a 50th wedding anniversary, he wanted to give her a ring, but she said we need carpet... (ain't love grand...)
  • we have an espalier apple tree which is trained along a trellis along the side fence, 2 large orange trees, and 1 lemon tree and apparently the fruit are delicious!
  • we have a 2 car garage out the back instead of the 1 car garage that I thought it was, which excites Bryce to no end...
  • we have a very large ash tree in the front which would hold a great rope swing :)
Yesterday we had our final inspection and we're very excited to get in there and start making it our own...

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