Sunday, June 14, 2009


my agapanthus are in bloom and I love them so... they remind me of my childhood
my nanna and pop used to have these great big rows of agapanthus out the front of their house - they must have been fairly well established because you could climb inside them and they were the best hiding place (except for the odd snail you'd run into). I have about 30 cousins and 25 of them are on my dad's side (being one of 7 children himself) so whenever we had family gatherings at his parents house there were always a tribe of kids running around. We'd play spotlight in the dark and you were always guaranteed to find at least one kid hiding in the agapanthus bushes, but if you were found there the only thing left to do was rip the long flower out and use it as a sword... but nobody would ever admit to that...
Here is what I did with last year's agapanthus flowers once they were done, I love the shapes they make.

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