Monday, May 11, 2009

water works

The company I work for took away the free bottles of water and soda today. They have been threatening for a while due to the 'current economic climate', but today I went to grab my bottle of water so I could make my quota (hate drinking water) and the fridge was bare... then I thought - I'm thirsty, but there is nothing to drink here. So I walked over, turned on the tap and drank a glass of tap water, which tasted just as bad as the bottled stuff... but what a novel idea in this day and age.

A friend recently sent me an email with some facts about bottled water which were quite scary and it got me thinking how glad I am that my company did this. There's the cost to our pocket, the cost to the environment and oddly enough the cost to our health with the chemicals that can leach from the bottles...

What better excuse do I need to buy this funky decanter for my desk? :P


  1. I for one LOVE water! i drink it all day--can't get enough of it. oh and tap--yuck! i try to use my brita filter/pitcher on a regular basis, but i admit, i buy the bottles. my mom's been telling me to stop because of all the chemicals. hmm. now i can't even drink water?

    i think i'm going to blog about this also...

  2. oh i forgot to say, i WANT that decanter. it's nice!


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