Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some pictures from the boat

I'm still recovering from our super fun long weekend out in Bass Lake and wanted to make sure I post at least a couple of pictures from our trip before too much time went by. Above is Gino playing in the sand with a very big stick. This must have been taken before his tail stopped working because you can see it is still in working condition in the photo. By the time we left Bass Lake he was swimming like a champ and you'd never guess he had just learned how to swim days earlier. He's such a strong swimmer (I know, duh, he's a Lab) that we even donated his bright green lifevest to our friend Adam's pitbull, Caution, to use on his daily swims.

Here are Kate, Bryce, and Christina at my friend's bbq. This was taken right before we had to load our stuff, unload our stuff, haul our stuff up a beach, then load our stuff once again.

Here is Kate smiling for the camera with a stubborn Cooper in her clutches and Cody and Gino driving the boat w/Kate, Cooper, and a small portion of Bryce's awesome green stripy pajamas in the background. Gino is camera shy so it took a few tries to get him to even face the camera.

We'll definitely be back a few more times this summer - hopefully in Cody's new boat.

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