Saturday, May 9, 2009

oh so shabby

In Santa Clara every March the city has a yearly garbage dump which I personally think is just awful because people literally store all their junk for the year to dump onto the road outside their house, and then other people drive around the neighbourhood and go through the garbage to see if there is anything worth taking... So not only do you have huge piles of garbage on the road that you have to dodge when driving by but then you also have to dodge the people cruising for junk... Then there are those people who take advantage of the free dump and dump stuff outside your house! It's terrible...
That said, my neighbour last year saved this lovely table, which I had seen it in her yard and asked her about it and she said she was doing it up, which I thought was cool. Then Bryce noticed that they were throwing it out - so I salvaged it (in turn being someone going through someone elses junk.... sigh) and here it is.

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