Friday, May 15, 2009

Krung Thai Review

Kate and I decided to slip out and go to lunch today. We went to Krung Thai located at 580 N Winchester Blvd in San Jose where I have eaten several times before. When we arrived it was about 1:00pm and the restaurant was pretty crowded. We put our names on the list and sat down to wait to be called. As we sat there we looked around at the authentic Thai decorations as well as the non-authentic decorations like the security camera attached to one of the Buddha's heads. Once we were seated we made our lunch selections. Both of us were hungry, nut were careful not to over-order. Kate got the beef salad with dried chilies and I ordered a green chicken curry with a side of rice. It took awhile to get served since the restaurant was so busy and we were both glad to see our ordered arrive. The beef salad was very tasty with lots of fresh mint and mysterious crunchy bits that neither of us could identify. I think the beef salad would be a good one to try and recreate at home this summer. The green curry was good, but not outstanding and sort of bland. Next time I think I'll order something more exotic to add some excitement. For dessert we shared my favorite Thai treat, mango sticky rice. The rice was nice and sweet with little bits of mung bean on top and delicious rip mago on the side. Overall, the restaurant served good Thai food, but I think we'll need to keep looking for one that's incredible.

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