Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kate's B-day

We met with Kate and Bryce at the opera in San Francisco on Saturday. Cody and I arrived first and were able to get seats in the balcony. After a brief, but bitter and furious, battle with the old lady next to us (Cody forgot to "save" the seat on his side and she was SO pissed) K & B arrived and joined us for the show. Cody and I both fell asleep during the first act of Tosca and I was ready to run out the door by the first intermission, but after 2 allergy tablets I was back in the game and we stuck it out to the end. As Kate put it, we can check "going to the opera" off our lists of things to do in life, but I doubt we'll be back. None of us had eaten so we stopped in at Citizen Cake, had drinks and sampled some desserts before heading back to the hotel room Bryce reserved for the evening. We met up with Christina at an Irish pub, had a drink, met up with Bryce's Chilean friend (who was like an intense, South American Wolverine) and all made our way to meet Hannah for a delicious dinner at Osha Thai on the Embarcadero. Dinner was so much fun and fortunately Kate had her little journal to capture some of the evening's better quotes. Here are a few winners that I can remember, but I'm sure she'll have more to share:

Q: "Which do you prefer? Giving hand jobs or blow jobs?"
A: "It all depends on what time of day it is versus how much lube is available."
...cut to Kate scribbling "lube is good" in her journal

Q: "It's funny how you blogged about losing 6 pounds and then all of our ads were suddenly about eating disorders and anorexia. How do you spell anorexia anyway?"
A: "*clap* *clap* r-e-x-i-a
..laughing and scribbling

Q: "What did you say?"
A: "Tears make the best lube."
....scribble, scribble

When Cody and I got up the next day we were still laughing about how Kate kept trying to play patty-cake with everyone while telling them they were "doing it backwards" then Cody and I tried the Australian hand slapping game and decided the American way is still better, sorry Kate.


  1. omg! im cracking up over here! "south american wolverine!" HAHAHHAHA hystrical! not to mention your comment at dinner...and oh, i have that "clap, clap...rexia" on video!


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