Monday, May 25, 2009

I heart the chain of hearts

after the Bay to breakers on the weekend, we strolled around the city (because walking 12kms was just not enough for us) and visited some cute stores. one of these cute stores was Paxton Gate where, amongst the jackalope, the two headed taxidermy mice, and the duckodile (duck with a crocodile head) I found this gorgeous chain of hearts plant and just had to buy it. if my family are reading this post, they'll know why...
my nanna Pat used to have this plant in a pot at the front door upon a ledge and it would drape down these beautiful long chains of heart shaped leaves - so pretty. I can't remember how many times we pulled that pot down off the ledge and it hit one of us on the head and yet we never killed this plant...

so now, I have my own chain of hearts :)

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