Thursday, May 28, 2009


my poor old mac is finally full - it's a 120 gig hard drive and being the photo addict that I am I keep getting that horrible 'your start up disk is almost full please delete some files' message that just makes me cringe...

so I was just doing some spring cleaning and came across an old chat message from christina and had to laugh (and of course share) :)

me: hello
christina: sends file (pictured here)

christina: looks better in person
me: cool, looks awesome
christina: it's freeakin great
me: but is it missing the cross on the t...?
christina: omg (followed by me laughing uncontrollably and her swearing profanities...)

she was so annoyed with herself for not noticing, and at the time I told her that she would laugh about it one day...

I still can't decide what tattoo I would get and where... but I think this one is very cool.

here is the final version


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