Monday, May 18, 2009

bay to breakers costume awards

elmo, cookie monster, burt and ernie
dick in a box
lady in red
one of those air thingies that attracts your attention to car yards etc - what are they called I wonder...
cowgirls and indians?
whoopie cushions (I think my favourite)
lady in purple
elvis has left the building
I found him! where's waldo or wally or someone with a name starting with W

Canadian bacon
this guys costume was genius - he was a chef with a loaf of hollowed out bread where he inserted his hip flask...
I am not sure about this one, but I think these guys have a problem...
3 amigos?
beaker and the blue man group
peas and a pod

swine flu (but if you have to write it then the costume is obviously not that great...)
loved this one! octamum - he had a octopus backpack and the babies were strapped to the legs
michael phelps

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